Free Bus Service to Ikea (Alfafar, Valencia)

We heard about this free service awhile back but never had the chance to try it out. Well, we finally did and it was a pleasant ride. We took it from the El Saler location because it is closes to where we live. We went during the week, expecting it to not be too busy. However, it was summer so it was full of young families, checking out design ideas for children’s rooms, kitchens and closets.  On our end, we really didn’t need anything so we leisurely looked around, grabbed a couple of hotdogs and then headed back home.  The bus goes in a loop so on the way back, the first stop was Avenida Germanías, Plaza Cánovas then, El Saler Shopping Center.
NOTE: The bus heads back to Valencia at 2:00pm and then, not again until 6:00pm
How does it work?

Free service for IKEA FAMILY members and available every opening day.

For the trip: show your membership card to the driver and enjoy the trip (only 1 card is needed for a family)

For the return: show your membership card to the driver together with an IKEA purchase ticket of the same day with a minimum amount of € 5 (for a family)

Still not a member of IKEA FAMILY? Become a member for free and instantly

 Hours and stops

  • Schedules may differ due to traffic.
  • The bus stops are: near Estación del Norte (Germanías, 41), at Plaza Cánovas (Gran Vía Marqués del Túria, 76), at the El Saler Shopping Center (Av. del Professor López Piñero, 16 – sign can be slightly obscured by trees ) and finally at Ikea.
  • You can also take regular bus line 183 to IKEA. This is not a free service. Download bus schedules


Rules of use of the service
1. The transport is free for IKEA FAMILY members and the minors who accompany them.
2. Only one card per family unit is required.
3. You have to remain seated in the moving vehicle.
4. Children’s strollers should be folded and placed in a safe place.
5. It is mandatory to wear a shirt inside the bus.
6. Only people with an accredited guide dog can travel with animals.
7. Eating, smoking or carrying alcoholic beverages is not allowed.
8. Large furniture can not be placed on the bus for the safety of travelers.
9. IKEA is not responsible for the loss, change or theft of merchandise deposited on the bus.

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