Top 7 Funniest Corona Songs from Around the World

Top 7 Corona Songs from Around the World

Our top 7 picks 

Spain officially went on lockdown at midnight, March 14, 2020. A week has now gone by and today, we heard that the lockdown has now been extended to April 15.

During this first week, I found myself busier than ever. Doing laundry. Organizing cupboards. Staying on social media threads longer than I had to. Participated in my very first online Pilates class (courtesy of TallyPilates). Anything to keep my mind from circling back to our new reality. The reality that included the possibility of everyone around us being carriers of the COVID-19 virus or worse, symptomatic and eventually hospitalized. It is incredible what has happened to the world. One minute I was working on my self-care day by getting a haircut, a chiropractic adjustment and a manicure and pedicure. Then the next minute, hurriedly shopping for groceries to hunker down with for the next few days.

Music and audiobooks have been my go-to in times of stress. So, I started to go online to find any new releases from my favorite artists or authors. Instead, for the next hour, John and I were rolling in laughter and singing along to some of our oldies but goodies. These songs are funny and was just the right medicine to lighten our moods. Unfortunately, some or the tunes are catchy so be ready to have some fun!

Here are our top 7 favorites:

1. Corona Virus parody


by Natalie Imbruglia

2.  Corona Virus parody

Come On Eileen

by Dexys Midnight Runners

3. Corona Virus Parody

Stay Home Vogue

by Chris Mann

4. Corona Virus Parody

Bohemian Rhapsody

by Queen

5. Corona Virus Parody

My Sharona

by The Knack

6.  Corona Virus parody

Sweet Caroline

by Neil Diamond

7. Corona Virus Parody

Stupid Love

by Lady Gaga

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