The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia – THE FITZGERALD

The Fitzgerald

The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia

Postcards from Valencia | Restaurant Review

The Fitzgerald Burger Company
Gran Via de Ferran el Catòlic, 43, 46008 Valencia
+34 962 73 54 97


TYPE OF CUISINE – Burgers, Wraps

AMBIANCE – informal, hip, friendly, kitsch






DN FRIENDLY – N/A it is a restaurant

OUTDOOR SEATING – not at this location

Our first impression – lunch on a Monday – 17 February 2020. We vote YAY on this one.

Each restaurant has their own style and this one is kitsch for sure. From the menu style to decor, it’s a great concept. The menu is at the back of their little magazine called The Renegade. You can view the images below.

The Starters

Their burgers don’t include fries so you have to order it on the side. You can choose your dipping sauce – BBQ, ketchup, cheese, and ranch. We decided to order a side of fries and cheese fingers. The fries could be easily shared between 3 people and the cheese fingers were also a good portion. They also offer Ignacios con guacamole (nachos) which varies daily. We promise to try this on our next trip.

The Burgers

We ordered a Rockefeller and The Fitzgerald. The Rockefeller was served with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, bacon, and the secret Fitz sauce (it does come with onions but I opted for no onions). The Fitzgerald was served with double cheddar cheese, red onions, pickles, bacon, and the secret Fitz sauce.

We liked that they were served naked on a plate (helps the environment) with only a wooden skewer holding the burger together. Too bad the plate was plastic …. fashionable but still plastic.

We always ask for our meat to be well-done and the bacon crispy. They delivered perfectly. The burgers (200gm) appeared small but were thick and tasty. Turned out to be the perfect size for a meal especially because of the sides we ordered.

The Drinks

John chose a Mahou beer I ordered their strawberry shake. Their shake is okay, thicker than most and was served with a heap of whipping cream and strawberry jelly. Next time, I will ask to hold the topping.

Overall,  we enjoyed our meal at The Fitzgerald and will give it another try….next time with friends to get their opinion too.  So if you’re looking for a tasty, well-priced burger, head on over to one of The Fitzgerald locations and give them a try. We’d love to hear what you think….

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