The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia – GelatoInk and Burgers

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GelatoInk and Burgers

The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia

Postcards from Valencia | Restaurant Review

GelatoInk and Burgers

Carrer dels Cavallers, 30

València, Spain

+34 963 15 69 52

TYPE OF CUISINE – Burgers and Gelato! (they serve crepes and waffles too!)

AMBIANCE – informal, friendly


CLEANLINESS – very good




DN FRIENDLY – N/A it is a restaurant


For this adventure, we asked Tony and Jana to tag along and give us their take on GelatoInk and Burgers. Glad they were able to join us for this spur of the moment lunch date.

We are excited to announce we have found our Number 1 burger joint in Valencia. YAY!!!! This one knocks it out of the park because who doesn’t love a tasty burger and a gelato for dessert or gelato in your cocktail. Yup, you read it right. A cocktail with gelato…I had the mango mojito and I was in heaven! It had the right amount of sweetness with the consistency of a slurpee!


The Starters

We ordered Teque Cheese Fingers (which I am in LOVE with), polenta sticks, and original fries. They each had a special home-made dipping sauce.

Teque Cheese Fingers (aka Tequenos) are Venezuelan cheese sticks. The bread transported me back to when I was young. The taste and texture was very much like Pilsbury crescent rolls. You know, the ones used to make weiner wraps.  The Teque Cheese Fingers were served warm and the dipping sauce was the perfect condiment.

Polenta sticks are similar to polenta fries. They too were delicious and served with a different home-made sauce.

Original fries were quite good, slightly crispy and shaped like a scoop….great for dipping!

The Burger!

GelatoInk and Burgers offer 8 different burgers on their menu, including a vegan option! Their burgers are all beef and from León, Spain. They make the burgers as ordered by the customer, shaping the patties with no additional seasoning except a bit of salt.

The North – Tosted brioche bread, with two beef 150 g each accompanied by a reduction based on black beer Estrella Galicia 1906 black coupage (the black sheep) and Jack Daniels, pickled onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, beef mayo and mustard. 8€

The South – Toasted brioche bread or rustic bread, 150gr of pulled pork with the house reduction, cheese dough, bacon, tomato and red guasa sauce 7€

The East – Tender toasted brioche bread, 200gr crispy chicken breast, tomato, baby gen, cheddar cheese, house reduction and red guasa sauce 7.50€

The West – Toasted brioche bread, 200Gr of slow cooked short ribs soaked in a whiskey Jack Daniels sauce, melted cheese, crispy shallots, cherry tomatoes roasted and beef mayo ink 7.90€

The Cheese Burger – Toasted brioche bread, 150gr beef with house reduction, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickle and onion with beef mayo 6.90€

The Joe Burger – Toasted brioche bread, 150 gr of veal meat, 150 gr of veal rib (short rib), accompanied by reduction based on black beer 1906 of black coupage (the black sheep) and Jack Daniels, bacon, beef mayo, cheese dough, plantain and crispy onion 9.50€

Vegan Burger – Toasted black sesame bread accompanied by our vegan secret meat, portobello sauce, tomato and plantain 8€

Burger of the Month – For the month of June (2021), they are celebrating Italy. The burger is aptly called The Italian Job. Toasted brioche bread, 150 gm of beef with house reduction, roasted tomatoes with oregano, mozzarella, and pesto mayonnaise. Very reasonably priced at 5.90€


For dessert, I ordered a GelatoInk Burger – a brioche filled with a giant scoop of Jaffa Cake* gelato. They topped it with chocolate and whipped cream. Having had gelato in a brioche while we were in Sicily, next time, I will ask them to hold the extra chocolate and whipped cream.

John ordered a GelatoInk Burger too but his was filled with pistachio gelato and whipped cream and topped with pistachios.

Tony passed on dessert but Jana had a cone with 2 flavors. Lemon Pie Gelato and Jaffa Cake. Delish! Jana was the one who mentioned Jaffa Cake so I asked for a test spoon and have now added this to my list of favorite flavors.

Overall, our experience at GelatoInk and Burgers was excellent. We enjoyed good service and delicious, well-priced meals. So if you’re looking for a tasty, juicy burger, head on over to GelatoInk and Burgers at El Carmen neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain….. and if burgers aren’t your thing, you can always go for a gelato, gelato with coffee, gelato cocktails, and more! You won’t be disappointed.

*For those of you who have never heard of Jaffa Cake (like John and I), here is the lowdown. Jaffa Cakes are biscuit-sized cakes with three layers: a Genoise sponge base, a layer of orange flavoured jam and a coating of chocolate.

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