The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia During Lockdown

Lockdown BBQ

The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia

Postcards from Valencia | Home cooking and barbeque

Lockdown BBQ at home

The whole world has been on notice since the announcement of the Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak around the world. Spain has been officially on lockdown since midnight, March 14, 2020. John and I chose to start a day earlier and self-quarantined starting midnight on Friday the 13th. Initially, the lockdown was supposed to end on March 29 but due to rising numbers of deaths and infected, the Spanish government voted to extend the lockdown by another 15 days.

Staying home has not been difficult for us. We limit the number of trips to the grocery store. John is the only one who goes out. We are so grateful to live outside the city limits. We have a nice flat with a front balcony and a good-sized terrace out back so as long as the sun shines we can still enjoy some fresh air. Our biggest plus is we now have a BBQ. We totally believe in upcycling and this is one of those times where it is to our benefit. Some friends had this BBQ at their rental property. It sat on a wooden frame which eventually started to break down. So, they decided to get rid of it and lucky for me, they thought of us. John took it completely apart and cleaned it and it works perfectly well and sits nicely in our BBQ pit.

We are meat lovers through and through. So knowing we had to slow our hunt for the best burgers down to a halt, I decided to cook up our own burgers and make them exactly how we like them. Click here to view my recipe.

Celine's home made bacon cheeseburgersburgers

Classic Mushroom, Bacon, Cheeseburger

with baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms, crispy bacon, dill pickles, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise and ketchup

home made bbq cheese, mushroom burgers

Classic Mushroom, Bacon, Cheeseburger

served on a “panecillo”, a small bun, slightly larger than a dinner roll. This time I chose to have 2 burgers, open-faced.

bbq cheese and mushroom burgers

Classic Mushroom, Bacon, Cheeseburger

served on a toasted and buttered “panecillo” with “canónigos” (Valerianella locusta aka corn salad or lamb’s lettuce),  sauteed mushrooms, bacon and cheddar cheese

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