Singing makes the world go round

Laughter is the best medicine

We are now into the 2nd week of February 2021 and Spain continues with region wide restrictions to try and flatten the Covid-19 Virus curve. We are expecting restaurants to open up again on February 15 but who knows…..

So, along with my audiobooks, I continue to go online to find any new releases from my favorite artists or authors. Instead, I come across new (at least new for me) parodies. Loving the creativity of individuals and families.

One family in particular is a family from Kent, England, the Marsh Family. Funny enough someone had dubbed them the von TRAPPED family.

I love how it shows how the fun of doing things together as a family. The obvious input from the kids gives all of them a way of expressing and acknowledging their feelings in these difficult times. Well done Marsh Family!!

So, for the next few minutes, get ready to laugh and sing along. These songs are funny and was just the right medicine to lighten our moods. Unfortunately, some or the tunes are catchy so be ready to have some fun!



1. Corona Virus parody

Adaptation of Les Misérables, One Day More

Performed by The Marsh Family 

2.  Corona Virus parody

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Performed by The Marsh Family 

3. Corona Virus Parody


Performed by The Marsh Family 

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