Sex Controversy in Valencia

Sex Controversy in Valencia

by | Sep 21, 2018

La Marina de València is the scene of Antoni Miro’s installation of classic erotic iconography.
Antoni Miro, a Spanish artist born in Alcoi is feeling the heat these days….and it isn’t the about the weather. His latest work is based on classic erotic iconography and has been installed at La Marina de València. It has been a controversial subject and many parents are objecting due to the depiction of sexual acts which they feel should not be shown to children. According to Miro: “The sculptures are inspired by drawings of popular Greek ceramics. These were not hidden but rather used in people’s everyday lives 2,600 years ago. In some ways, they were more advanced than we are now.”

More of Miro’s work is on display inside the Base de Alinghi, the building that once served as the base for the Swiss Team during America’s Cup back in 2007. Base de Alinghi as now began the transformation into a cultural center. We haven’t been inside yet but apparently, more controversy can be found in the other works….this time political.

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The City of Valencia has a lascivious history. Between 1325 and 1671, Valencia had the biggest brothel in Spain and perhaps even in all of Europe! A zone in the city was reserved for housing escorts/prostitutes. That area could be accessed by legal aged men as long as they were not Saracens (Arabs) or Jews. Apparently, the brothel in Valencia was better than that of any other city. Perhaps because it stayed within the walls and had rigorous medical control and public order system. During the Middle Ages in Valencia, the brothel was seen as an essential part of society. In fact, the prostitutes in Valencia, were thought to be very rich and having worn the best silk garments and jewels, evoking envy from the high-society women of the day.

Flash forward to the 21st in Valencia. It is very common to see many allusions to prostitutes and sexual acts on buildings, including the famous gargoyle on the Valencia Cathedral. Look for it near the Romanesque gate and you will find a nude woman erotically holding her breasts.

So, is the work of Antoni Miro a surprise in Valencia?


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