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Restaurante Mexicano Sol Azteca

Restaurante Mexicano Sol Azteca
Carrer del Pintor Maella, 17, 46023 València

+34 960 88 90 96


Gabriela, Owner

Their Story

Authentic Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Gabriela, the owner and manager of SOL AZTECA, has been passionate about Mexican cuisine since she was a child in Uruapan, her hometown, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Her passion was fueled each time her mom made “pozole” for the whole family during holidays. She also didn’t mind walking more than an hour, so she could eat tacos made by her cousin, Augustin, who was selling them in the center of town. So, it was only natural for Gabriela to work within the food industry including restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops and more.

Since those days, Gabriela has travelled the world and was always on the lookout for restaurants that served authentic Mexican food. Outside of Mexico, she has lived in the USA (6 years), Balikpapan, Indonesia (2 years) and Baku, Azerbaijan (3 years) and now, Valencia, Spain.

During those years abroad, she couldn’t find a single location that served up real Mexican “sasón” (flavor) that she loved and missed so much. It was at that time that she made a promise to herself that someday, she would open an authentic Mexican restaurant to be able to share her passion with the rest of the world.

That day came when she decided to settle in Valencia, Spain. Within only a few months, she opened SOL AZTECA, the only restaurant where the flavor is 100% Mexican. Using special family recipes, Gabriela created a menu that ensures each day serves Mexican dishes that have a homestyle flavor including the use of “molcajetes” (dish service made from volcanic rock) to serve it the traditional way!

SOL AZTECA is a family restaurant where you can enjoy 100% authentic Mexican food. Together with our team, we strive to provide the best food experience, best service and pleasant atmosphere.

Hours of Operation

1:00pm – 11:45pm

Closed Mondays


Carrer del Pintor Maella, 17
46023 València
Valencia, Spain

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