Cudillero is a lovely fishing village with colorfully painted houses perched on the hillside. 

Cudillero is filled with whitewashed houses jumbled together and piled on top of each other, each one standing out with its own brightly colored shutters. We learned that the colors correspond to each family’s fishing boats, which are painted the same.

Beautiful terracotta roofs stand in stark contrast to the white houses that tumble down to a tiny little harbor with turquoise water.

Cudillero is definitely the most picturesque place I’ve seen in Spain, and not many tourists know about it….yet.

We would have loved to stay longer and explore the village,  getting to know its winding narrow streets, moss covered cobbles and back alleys overlooking the sea.

Cudillero location

A view of the village

picturesque Cudillero

Village and Cafés

View from the parking lot

Port of Cudillero

Lonja de Pescado (Fish Auction)

A creek

Tile image of the village

rooftop sign

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