Cabo de Peñas


Cabo de Peñas, the most northern point in Asturias with jaw-dropping views.

We started off at the Centro de Recepción de Visitantes e Interpretación del Medio Marino de Peñas. This museum/visitor reception area is housed on the ground floor of the Cape Peñas (Cabo de Peñas) Lighthouse. It is set up as a museographic display and is made more enjoyable by the use of the latest techniques of special effects and simulations.

After watching the short films and looking at the displays, we headed outside, to breathe the fresh air and have a look at the jaw-dropping landscape filled with 100-meter high cliffs. This area can be accessed safely by a wooden walkway which helps conserve this area of enormous natural value.

Here, is where I fell in love with Asturias. We saw dramatic cliffs covered in patches of wildflowers that plunged into the churning waters of the Bay of Biscay. It was an unforgettable Sunday afternoon.



Wooden walkway leading to museum

Faro Cabo Peñas (lighthouse)

Cliffs with cerulean sea and skies

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