Portable Clothes Dryer

A Portable Alternative to a Traditional Clothes Dryer

We’ve tried it and LOVE it! 

update September 2020

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SecaMatic Turbo Plus

A portable clothes dryer when you need it.

Are you living in a humid climate where your dry clothes always feel damp and cool to the touch? Seems we finally found the solution. The Secamatic Turbo Plus clothes dryer works through continuous hot-air flow technology and dries clothing without friction which in turn, helps prevent additional wear and tear.

We recently moved to a new place that had a different orientation than our last place. We have less sun which will be great during the long summer weather here in Valencia, Spain. The drawback means a cooler environment and less sun means less drying power even outdoors. We had thought of buying a clothes dryer but from previous experiences living in Spain, we knew that wasn’t the best solution.

Our first week at our new place, the temperatures dropped to a cool 10°C. We even needed to buy a couple of portable halogen electric heaters. What we didn’t count on was the drying time of clothing especially flannel pajamas. After 2 days and they were still feeling damp and John knew I was feeling desperate so he began searching for a laundromat so we could use their dryers.

Then we remembered seeing an advert for a portable clothes dryer. We found the link on Carrefour but it was only available for purchase online. Over the next 2 days, we tried to buy it but it seemed that the online store was offline for maintenance. That was my sign to head on over to Amazon.es where to my amazement, I found the exact one  for less than 35€ and because we are Amazon Prime members, we got it shipped for free! It arrived the next day and just like the advertisement said, easy to set-up and easy to use.

It has arms so you can easily hang 2 shirts/pants on each arm. Drying time will depend on the fabric and this is something we are still experimenting with. Should we dry like-fabrics together or will it be better to mix them up? Stay tuned for updates.

Here is the link to the product we bought. We found others but this one was marked Amazon’s Choice* which means this product and seller has had solid good reviews.

*“Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.”

*UPDATE* I had experimented with drying like-fabrics or a mix and found that mixing it up was the best method. For example, I would dry 2 pairs of jeans with 4 long sleeve t-shirs and a few pairs of socks. Everything was dry in less than 2 hours. Pretty good during the cold humd days of winter in Valencia.

Secamatic Turbo Plus base and arms

Secamatic Turbo Plus

Secamatic Turbo Plus

Secamatic Turbo Plus base


165 x 90 cm (height x diameter)

A timer of up to 180 minutes

Dries up to 10 kilos of clothing

Stand comes with  arms and spacers


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