Alicante, Spain

We share some of our special places in Alicante Province.

Alicante Province is located on the east coast Spain and forms part of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. It lies along the Mediterranean coast, in the region known as Costa Blanca. The province is bordered by Valencia to the north, Murcia to the south west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east.

Alicante is a port city and the capital of Alicante province. Its old town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, has narrow streets, colored houses and a nightlife scene. From there, an elevator (when it works) or a steep climb leads to the medieval Castillo de Santa Bárbara, where you can enjoy sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast.

Esplanada d’Espanya

This quayside promenade is lined by four rows of palm trees and the pavement is tessellated red, cream and black marble that mimics the waves of the Mediterranean.

As you walk along the promenade you find some bars and restaurants and might come across some outdoor stalls that sell art works, ceramics, clothing and jewellery.


Surprising to most, Novelda is the center of Spain’s marble industry. It is home to many important quarries and mines of marble, limestone, silica, clay and gypsum.

There are many well-preserved art nouveau buildings and the two must sees are Casa Museo Modernista and Santuario de Santa María Magdalena.

The Casa Museo Modernista was designed by Murcian architect, Pedro Cerdán as a private residence for Antonia Navarro Mira in 1900 and was completed in 1903. It is a lovely house museum filled with modernist furniture and objects.

Built by architect and engineer, José Sala Sala, who had trained in Barcelona, one can clearly see the influence of Antoni Gaudi in the design and construction of the Santuario de Santa María Magdalena. Construction took place between 1918 and 1946. The delay was due to the Spanish Civil War.

Inside the church, you can admire large paintings depicting the life of Mary Magdalen as well as an organ completely made of marble. When we visited the church back in 2018, we were fortunate to have heard the organ being tested. The acoustics were amazing!

How we spend Valentine’s Day

Pinoso (El Pinós in Valencian) is a town located in the mountainous countryside of the Alicante/Murcia border. This town is renowned for the production of fine wines, rock salt and marble.

Around February 14, Pinoso celebrates its independence from Monovar by hosting the gastronomic Dia del Villazgo fiesta. It is a fun-filled event filled with good food, wine and entertainment.

La Vila Joiosa

Do you love chocolate? If you do, then the town of La Vila Joiosa is perfect for you because it is home of the famous Valor chocolate. Here you can discover the journey of cocoa and all about Valor chocolate.

If you’re lucky, you can also visit the Valor factory.

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