Not just another reusable water bottle

it’s logic®

Not just another reusable water bottle!

Postcards from Valencia | Product Review

it’s logic®

A proactive company working towards sustainability.

Everyone who knows me, knows that my drink of choice is ice cold water regardless of where we go or the time of year.

I am a true fan of water and I am very particular about the temperature. Yes, I know. Room temperature is supposed to be best so that your body doesn’t have to work harder. This belief is based on the idea that drinking cold water contracts your stomach, making it harder to digest food after a meal. (I seldom drink water while eating. I usually drink at least a glass of water before eating and about 1/2 glass after my meal.) Some people also believe that your body has to work harder to maintain its internal temperature of  37°C (98.6°F) if you’re drinking water that’s near the temperature of ice, or less than 4°C (36°F). I get that and for me, staying hydrated is more important. That means if it’s easiser for you to drink cold water then do that instead of avoiding drinking water at all.

Staying Hydrated

To make things easier, I take along a double-walled stainless steel bottle with a neoprene holder. I have 2 of them. A turquoise one for going out and a green one for home.

During the strict lockdown here in Spain, I didn’t notice how bulky my stainless steel water bottle was. Now that we are going out more, carrying my water bottle around was a bit of a chore. Not only did it weigh down my purse, the ice would make a clanking sound as I walked. So, I started to look at alternatives like maybe a smaller size or not carrying any water at all.

As I did my research, I came across a young Spanish company called it’s logic ®. They claim to have “the world’s flattest, stainless-steel, reusable bottle, designed to fit perfectly your daily life”.

The concept of a flat bottle, aka a flask, is nothing new. Point of interest, the word flask is derived from the medieval Latin flasco (meaning container or bottle). Flasks have been around since the 13th Century.  Materials used included everything from a pig’s bladder to precious metals like gold and silver.  it’s logic® uses food grade stainless steel and the flat shape is supposedly easier to pack in your backpack or with your laptop, tablet or even in your pocket.  I decided to learn more about their initiatives and to find out why their bottles were priced higher and if it is worth it.

Helping the environment

To start with, every Friday, this young start-up company puts aside their laptops, grab their gear (gloves, etc.) and head out into the woods next to their office on the outskirts of  Madrid, Spain – an area in-between 2 towns, Boadilla del Monte and Alcorcon. Why do they go and what do they do there? They are there to pick up trash. It seems that inspite of their best effort of going every Friday in a whole year, they still have not been able to clean up the amount of garbage in that forest. Why is that? Spain, like many other countries around the world, have companies who, instead of paying for waste management, end up dumping their waste in areas where they think no one notices or cares. Kudos to the it’s logic® team for doing their part through the #ActNow initiative. Each time they cleaned up, they would also post on social media and tag the local governments in the hopes that local councils would take notice of the problem. That was not happening so they directly approached the city council of Boadilla del Monte (where their office is located) and a short time later, barriers were placed so trucks could no longer pass through.

What is important

it’s logic® founder, Guillermo Mellado Lacosta, says that “When I founded it’s logic®, I imagined a company active in its environmental work, in which the first to the last worker was involved in the actions we carry out as a company. I did it with the conviction that people, as individuals, have the power to change the environment. Cleaning up natural spaces is part of our DNA. I also believe that we are being faithful to our commitment. It is very important that, as a brand, we do not give a message that is empty in feeling and reality.”

Fashionable sustainable covers

Just how you might choose your mobile phone, these reusable stainless steel water bottles are available in black, grey, mint green, and ice blue. The covers are made of ethically sourced materials such as cork, cactus and pineapple and come in a variety of colours. Did you know that cactus and pineapple fibers can be used to make fabric?

Desserto®, a Mexican company founded by Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, uses mature cactus leaves to make nopal vegan leather. Used in Fashion, Automotive, Aeronautics, Footwear and Furniture.

Piñatex® , a company based out of the Philippines and founded by Spaniard, Dr. Carmen Hijosa, uses discarded pineapple leaves to make sustainable leather.

“Design is not just about product.
Design is about responsibility.”

Dr. Carmen Hijosa
Dr. Carmen Hijosa, founder of Piñatex®

Image credit: David Stewart for Wired Magazine

Is the cost of an it’s logic® reusable water bottle worth it?

We certainly think it is worth it!

As consumers, we purchase products from around the globe. However, many of us don’t bother to think about the production process of each of item. Before buying a dress or handbag, do you think about whether the manufacturers use child labour or do they have less than adequate safe working conditions? it’s logic® incorporates amfori BSCI as part of their manufacturing process. What that means is, although their headquarters are in Madrid, Spain and their products manufactured in Shenzhen, China, they can rest assured because the factory undergoes strict semi-annual reviews following the amfori BSCI social performance guidelines that include:

  • Fair pay.
  • Decent working hours that includes overtime pay at a higher rate.
  • Occupational health and safety – the right to healthy working and living conditions of workers and local communities.
  • No to child labor.
  • and more…

Although this reusable water bottle isn’t double-walled stainless steel that can keep my water ice-cold like I like it, everytime I drink from it, I actually do more than just drink water to hydrate. I think about and am amazed at all the work that went into designing and manufacturing a simple water bottle and its cactus cover. It brings a smile to my face knowing that yeah, I am doing my part to helping make our planet be less polluted.

Interesting, right?

it’s logic® has done their homework and are working hard at doing their part in running a profitable business while also helping our planet. After all, they are part of the new generation of entrepreneurs.

At the bottom of our order confirmation it says this:

“We dedicate a portion of the profits to maintain and promote the Act Now by it’s logic app, a platform for creating environmental initiatives. If you are not yet in, here are the links to download the app. You can also access it from the web.”

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it's logic stainless steel water bottle in black

reusable stainless steel water bottle

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it's logic black stainless steel water bottle with cactus material cover

bottle with cover made from mature cactus leaves

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