Santoña Carnival

(Carnaval de Santoña)


Maritime themed festival including a trial overseen by a court of fish. No joke!

Santoña is a town in the eastern coast of the autonomous community of Cantabria. It is best known today as a holiday destination during the summer months and for its year-round fishing trade.

28 February to 16 March, 2019

The origin of the Santoña Carnival is documented on two different dates. The first, in 1883 according to some municipal ordinances. The second was in 1892 where it appears as a carnival in the Diario Eco de Santoña.

The Santoña Carnival is famous for its traditional musical parades as well as its maritime theme.

There is an annual performance “Judgement at the Bottom of the Sea” where a sea bream (type of ‘dorada’) is tried for the kidnapping of a mermaid. The court is made up of different species of fish and is presided over by Neptune. Although the sea bream is acquitted by Neptune, the trial ends with The Burial of the Bream.

Schedule for 2019 – Judgment in the Bottom of Sea and Burial of the Bream . Arrest of the prisoner “Sea Bream” is made at 1:00 pm; at 8:00 pm the Judgement at the Bottom of the Sea. Next, the Burial of the Bream takes place.

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