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Café Restaurante Atmosphère

Café Restaurante Atmosphère
Carrer del Moro Zeid, 6, 46001 València

+34 963 92 00 09


Emmanuelle Malibert, Chef and Owner

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Café Restaurante Atmosphère

Soul and Passion
Emmanuelle Malibert, Chef and Owner

For me, cooking is an act of love and creativity; an expression of enjoyment that is lifelong and very personal. It is through cooking that I share my vision of honesty and authenticity.

The language with which I express my passion for food is inspired by the phrase “Cuisine from around the world with a touch of France”. It is the result of my endless curiosity to explore the world, to know the peculiarities of each corner, connect them to my French roots and shape them through the gastronomy in the place where I have lived for 20 years. My many trips and experiences have always come together in one way or another as the fundamental human act of eating. For me, the magic happens in every bite where the food tastes like a cultural experience that transports your mind and soul.

“Cuisine from around the world with a touch of France”

L’Atmosphère’s cuisine offers balance and diversity by contributing to the elements necessary for a healthy lifestyle and healthy ways of eating. Our cuisine has an identity; gastronomy that blends modern with traditional recipes, with a touch of here and there, where the outcome are dishes full of flavor and surprise.

The cosmopolitan gastronomy culture believes that enjoyment of food is responsible for health. It is for that reason that since January 2007, the opening of Restaurant Brasserie L’Atmosphère, we have continued to pursue the same goal: offer cuisine based on quality products which allows us to create healthy, original and tasty dishes while providing the ambience that promotes well being through the connection of being part of a family.

“We believe in the “farm to tray” model that combines ingredients from local farms and purveyors. We work with trusted artisanal suppliers.”

Our commitment and our unique value is the guarantee that all dishes are prepared and cooked daily in the restaurant’s kitchen. Our daily menus are designed around the daily purchase of the best, fresh, seasonal products on the market, with priority given to foods coming from local producers (Km0) and artisans who follow fair trade practices with agriculture and livestock.

Our dishes are prepared fresh, without the use of additives, preservatives, precooked products nor V range (Fifth Range) products. Our menus are designed around a balanced diet with thought placed on serving portions.

In this way, we hope that our customers will fully enjoy the satisfaction of eating well, have a pleasant experience along with a sense of responsibility towards their health and well-being.

“Great atmosphere, friendly, hospitable including smiles – all with a French touch.”

I love the fact that L’Atmosphère has become a place where curious people from around the world can meet up, feel at home and experience culture through gastronomy. Although it isn’t easy, our goal is to make each person who comes to L’Atmosphère, feel good and enjoy moments of happiness during the time that we spend together.

Over the past 12 years, the L’Atmosphere team has cultivated personal relationships with our regular customers who we have gotten to know quite well. We continue to encourage new people to come and discover L’Atmosphère; to experience and enjoy the cosmopolitan environment, meet people, savor the gastronomy while feeling at home.

Welcome to L’Atmosphère!

Emmanuelle Malibert

Hours of Operation

8:30am – 6:00pm

Open for dinner twice per month
By reservation only
Closed Sundays

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