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Their Story

Their Story

Viviana Nassisi, owner of INDULGE SPAIN, has many interests but her true passion is travel and gastronomy which she turned into a business!

She has been a tour manager for eight years and has travelled to more than 50 countries around the world. She also had the opportunity to visit some places more than once and while on these trips, she enjoyed the best experiences of her life.

Travelling for her means discovering new places and seeing beautiful landscapes and architecture as well as meeting new people and immersing herself as much as possible with the local life and culture of each place she travels to.

Viviana has lived in 4 different countries over the past 10 years and had incredible experiences in each location. She got to know the local customs, culinary traditions and learned about different cultures, all of which enriched her life.

The best part of what she does today is giving her clients the opportunity of having unforgettable memories and enriching experiences that are sure to last a lifetime.

Indulge Spain’s home office is based in Valencia where Viviana has been living since 2016 but has worked from since 2010. She is constantly researching and keeping her eyes open to finding new places, new experiences; always with the idea of an intimate cultural and gastronomy experience for all her clients.

With thanks to the wonderful experiences Viviana had during her travels, she learnt the beauty of sharing moments through food.

“I guess that being Italian and living in Spain also helps a lot! That is why I want to share my love and passion for food and adventure with everyone coming to visit or live in Spain.”

Time to indulge your mind and senses.

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