Day of the Community of Valencia (Día de la Comunidad Valenciana)

Day of the Community of Valencia (Día de la Comunidad Valenciana)


Every year, on October 9, two celebrations happen simultaneously in Valencia.

The celebration of the Day of the Community of Valencia  which marks the anniversary of when King James the 1st of Aragon captured the city of Valencia and the Feast of Saint Dionysius, a traditional festival for lovers.

On this day, it is customary for men to give their sweethearts an assortment of marzipan wrapped in a silk handkerchief. This tradition is known as Mocaorà has been around since the 13th Century, before the celebration of the Day of the Community of Valencia or the celebration of Valentine’s Day!



El Palacio del Temple
interesting plaque about Templars with mention of 9th of October

Templar Palace, Valencia

While walking around the city, we came across this plaque at the side of Palacio del Temple. This is a building that was commissioned by Charles III of Spain and used to house a monastery and a church that used to belong to the Templars. Nowadays, this Neoclassical building is used by the university of Valencia. The plaque states:

“Sitio de la torre y puerta de Bab-el-Shadchar, llamada después del Temple, donde tremoló el pendón real de la conquista en 9 de octubre de 1238. Concedida por el invicto rey don Jaime a los Templarios, conservada por la Orden Militar de Montesa y demolida para el ensanche de la ciudad en 1865. Los caballeros de Montesa para memoria”

“Site of the tower and gate of Bab-el-Shadchar, afterwards known as the Temple, where the royal banner of the conquest flew on October 9, 1238. Granted to the Templars by the undefeated King James, preserved by the Military Order of Montesa and demolished due to the expansion of the city in 1865. In memory of The Knights of Montesa.



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