Pobles del Nord

Poblados del Norte (officially Pobles del Nord or also Poblats del Nord), owes its current name, (not its original name since it started out as Distrito de la Vega), to its location, north of the city of Valencia and is the second largest district of Valencia.

Although Roman remains have been found here, for example in Carpesa, much of the center that make up this district have their origins in Andalusian farmhouses that were distributed in the Vega del Turia (hence its previous name as a district). All the farmhouses that were confiscated during the Christian conquest of James I of Aragon were passed onto the Order of Montesa. Most of them were under the control of the Order of the Temple until it was dissolved. When manors began to disappear in 1811, a majority of the land  became independent municipalities until districts appeared in the late 19th Century (between 1888 and 1900 under the name Distrito de la Vega). Among the first places to be annexed were Borbotó y Carpesa in 1888 and the last to be annexed was Benifaraig in 1900. As recent as 1981, a rearrangement of the districts of Valencia took place which is when the district name was changed to Pobles del Nord.

Between 1888 and 1900, a total of seven towns were annexed to Valencia resulting in these neighborhoods: Benifaraig, Poble Nou, Carpesa, Casas de Bàrcena, Mahuella (Mahuella, Tauladella, Rafalell and Vistabella), Massarrojos and Borbotó.

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