Pobles de l´Oest

Los Poblados del Oeste, (Pobles de l’´Oest in Valencian) are rightly named for their location in Valencia’s westside. Although they depend on the City Council of Valencia (district consideration) they are considered part of the “rural population”, and thus, they have their own town mayor. The two municipalities that are part of their neighborhoods are Benimàmet and Beniferri, both located in Benimàmet.

Like other names that have the Arabic prefix “Beni-“, which translates to “children of”, Benimàmet was originally an Andalusian farmhouse whose first mention appears in the record book “Libre del Repartiment” as “Benimahaber” on 21 August 1238. It was presented to Sanchis de Stada from Hibraim Alfachar,the original owner. Benimàmet was an independent municipality until it became a district of Valencia in 1882.

Beniferri, which also has the Arabic prefix “Beni-“, also has its origin as an Andalusian farmhouse. The Counts of Parcent were known to be the last lords of Beniferri until 1811, when the manors were abolished and Beniferri became an independent municipality. This lasted until 1872, when it became a “district” of Valencia.

The district limits to the north are the municipalities of Burjassot and Paterna, to the east is Benicalap, to the south is Bellor (district) and to the west, the municipality of Paterna. Pobles de l’´Oest is made up of 2 districts: Benimàmet and Beniferri.

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