Poblats Marítims

Poblados Marítimos (officially known as Poblats Marítims in Valencian) is named after the independent communities that were located by the sea until the nineteenth century (in 1897, they were annexed to Valencia).

To the north, it is bordered by Alboraya, to the east by the Mediterranean Sea, to the south by Poblados del Sur, to the west by Algirós, Camins al Grau and Quatre Carreres.

It consists of 5 neighborhoods: El Grau, Cabanyal-Canyamelar, Malva-Rosa, Beteró and Nazaret (the latter, comes from the term lazareto (Llatzeret in Valencian). Due to the installation of a nucleus community, a small group of fishermen and dock workers formed around the lazareto which was transferred from Monteolivete in 1720.

To better understand the origin of each of the maritime towns, you can click here.

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