La Saïdia

La Zaidía (officially La Saïdia) owes its name to the former convent, Zaidía (also sometimes called the Real Monasterio Cisterciense, or Santa María de Gratia Dei). This Convent was built on the grounds where the palace of Andalusian King Abú Zayd stood, and now is the name and location of the current. Zaidía is the Castillian version of Saïdia (in Valencian). This is because since the 19th Century, the practice of name approvals (castellanizar) of the populations, as well as streets, monuments, churches, etc. can only be done by Royal Decree.

In the north, this district is bordered by Benicalap and Rascaña, to the east by Benimaclet and El Pla del Real, to the south by Ciutat Vella and to the west by Campanar. It consists of five neighborhoods: Marxalenes, Morvedre, Trinitat, Tormos and Sant Antoni.

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