The current district of Jesús owes its name to a former convent / Franciscan monastery. Its patron saint was Santa Maria de Jesus and was founded in 1428 by Alfonso the Magnanimous and his wife Dona Maria de Castilla, Queen of Aragon at the urging of franciscan reformer, Francisco Mallo. After its disentitlement in 1835, it was converted to a spinning (weaving) factory and later, after 1866 , into a provincial insane asylum at Cap I Casal (now known as Valencia).

To the north, Jesus borders with Extramurs, to the east with Quatre Carreres, to the south with Poblados del Sur and to the west with Patraix. Jesus is made up of 5 neighborhoods: La Raiosa, L’Hort de Senabre, La Creu Coberta, San Marcelíno and Cami Real.

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