The name Benimaclet was originally mentioned in the record book “Llibre de Repartiment”. It was originally a Muslim farmhouse but during the Conquest in the 13th Century by James I, it was donated in the 14th Century to the Gimeno brothers and to García Pérez de Pina. The toponym is derived from the Arabic بني مخلد (banī Maḫlad) “children of Majlad”, and the Arabic prefix “Beni” is usually translated as “children of”.

In 1409 it became a manor comprised of six blocks belonging to the chapter of the Cathedral of Valencia. As a center of agricultural population, it was developed into crossroads: one that goes towards the sea (known today as Calle Murta) and the one that provided ways to the other towns and the city of Valencia (known today as Calle Barón de San Petrillo). Taking historical cartography as a reference, we can appreciate its evolution, observing that at the beginning of the 19th century the center of Benimaclet was reduced to a small group of houses, maintaining practically the same number of blocks since the 15th century.

In the cadastral plan of 1933, an expansion heading north and southeast plus the appearance of a new settlement towards the south was observed maintaining the agricultural characteristics of the area.

The physical incorporation of the city of Valencia created an urban islet that preserved much of its identity surrounded by buildings which characterize the clogging, density and indifference. In 1972, after integrating into the city, the territory became a district, separating the two current neighborhoods: Benimaclet and Camí de Vera. Presently, the municipality of Alboraya borders on the north, Algirós to the east, El Pla del Real to the south and Rascaña and La Zaidía to the west. Today, you can still see signs from the 19th Century with “Pueblo de Benimaclet” (The town of Benimaclet). Between 1764 to 1882, Benimaclet had its own independent local council including its own mayor until it became part of the city of Valencia. The last remains of local sovereignty ended in 1972.

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