Best Beaches in Spain | Costa Dorada

Best Beaches in Spain | Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada

Best Beaches in Spain

golden sand and pristine waters

Located on the north east coast of Spain, Costa Dorada aka “The Golden Coast” is known for its beaches of fine golden sand, pristine waters and breathtaking natural landscapes. Although it’s not as well known as the Costa del Sol or the Costa Brava, this stunning coastline has plenty to offer anyone looking for a memorable beach vacation.

If you’re a beach lover, then the Costa Dorada won’t fail to impress you with its clean sandy beaches and clear waters. The main beach resorts are Cambrils, Salou and Tarragona, not to mention the abundance of small fishing villages which are perfect for exploring.

Many of the Costa Dorada’s beaches have been awarded Blue Flags for both their cleanliness and safety, which will provide peace of mind to all travelers especially families with small children.

The list below covers the best beaches Costa Dorada offers including its more central and popular beaches to the hidden bays and isolated clothing-optional coves.

We’re covering it all from north to south with condensed information to help you plan your next beach holiday.

Playa de Cunit, Tarragona

The quiet coastal town of Cunit is located about 50km from the historic city of Tarragona, it’s on the most northern part of the Costa Dorada, where it joins the Costa de Barcelona. It’s enough of a distance from Tarragona that there aren’t so many tourists and the area still remains very natural and untouched, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It’s the perfect combination of nature and beach and would make a great outdoor activity holiday destination for both young and active families.

Cunit beach is 2km of golden sand, broken up into seven half-moon-shaped seawalls. The waters inside the half moons are calm and shallow, making it an especially safe and unique beach for young children.

Each of the seven mini beaches has at least one beach side restaurant and other facilities including sun lounger and umbrella rental, toilets, water sport rental, football posts and pedalo rental.

Platja Segur de Calafell, Tarragona

If you are looking to combine a sightseeing vacation coupled with a beach vacation, then the historical town of Calafell is perfect for you. The surrounding Roman villages are definitely worth exploring.

The beautiful beach of Platja Segur de Calafell, is located in the province of Tarragona in the town of Calafell, located 1,5km inland.

Platja Segur de Calafell is five kilometres of soft, golden sand stretching from the Segur Yacht Club down to L’Estany Beach. This beach is great for families as the waters are warm, calm and clean, there are children’s playgrounds, sun loungers for rent and a great range of water sport options. For visitors with reduced mobility, there are also adapted walkways and car parks close by.

Playa de Comarruga, Tarragona

The town of El Vendrell boasts three Blue Flag beaches, one of which is Playa de Comarruga, which has had its Blue Flag since 1988.

It is 2km in length and 120 metres in width of soft, golden sands and calm waters.

Facilities include sun lounger rental, umbrella rental, toilets, showers and water sports rental. This is the most centrally located of the three beaches, right next to the Masia Blanca Marina. It’s the most popular beach in the area and can get very crowded so try to arrive there as early as possible.

Cala de Canyadell (Cala Fonda), Tarragona

This quiet, semi-urban cove can only be accessed on foot making it unsuitable for anyone with reduced mobility or the very young or elderly.

It is 60 metres long and 35 metres wide with golden sand and calm waters. Althought this cove is regularly cleaned, there are no facilities. One of the reasons is why it is quiet and uncrowded. It doesn’t have a lifeguard and is surrounded by a small forest giving it a secluded feeling of privacy.

This beach is perfect for couples or groups of friends looking for a private, relaxing beach destination, as it is famous for its tranquillity and natural beauty.

Platja d’Altafulla, Tarragona

10 minutes from Tarragona city centre and one hour from Barcelona, lies Altafulla, a medieval town located in the Tarragona province.

Another certified Blue Flag beach with fine, golden sand.  Platja d’Altafulla is around 1,100 metres long and 20 metres wide and runs from Cap Gros to La Roca del Gaia. There’s access for people with reduced mobility and a lifeguard service making it perfect for families with young children.

Platja d’Altafulla is an ideal family vacation destination because of its proximity to the city of Tarragona where there is plenty to see and do.

The fantastic climate on the Costa Dorada means that families can enjoy the beach, the nature and the activities that Altafulla offers all year round.

Platja de Tamarit, Tarragona

Another one of Tarragona’s golden Blue Flag beaches, Platja de Tamarit has soft and fine sand that is cleaned daily. This beach gently slopes down towards the sea, making it the perfect place for families to bring young children to paddle, play and swim.

The beach is 1,750 metres long and 45 metres wide, it has a range of facilities including toilets, showers, sun lounger and umbrella rental, bars, restaurants and coffee shops, bike rental, boat rides and water sports, plus disabled access and floating wheelchairs.

This beach is located next to the Gaià River Delta Nature Reserve and is lined by poplar trees, willow trees and reeds. The nature reserve is home to many species of birds and is a great place to go walking as it has a number of good quality trails.

The beautiful views of Tamarit Castle and the tranquil forest setting makes this beach for a truly unforgettable vacation spot on the Costa Dorada.

Playa de la Mora, Tarragona

One of the clothing-optional beaches in Tarragona, Platja de la Mora is 520 metres long and 65 metres wide.

The sand is grainy and not as soft as some of the other beaches the Tarragona area. The beach area has quite a steep descent into the sea so keep this in mind and be a bit more cautious.

There facilities are basic and include showers, toilets, first aid and a large parking area.

Cala de la Roca Plana, Tarragona

Secluded and difficult to get to, Cala de la Roca Plana is an isolated nudist beach located on the edge of the Bosque de la Marquesa Forest.

It is 205 metres long and 26 metres wide, like all of the beaches in Tarragona it has fine, golden sand which is cleaned weekly.

The waters are clean and shallow and the beach doesn’t get busy very often, so it’s a good choice for those looking for a quiet, relaxed beach day.

Cala Fonda aka Waikiki Beach, Tarragona

One of the most unspoiled and well-preserved beaches, Cala Fonda, commonly referred to as Waikiki Beach, is isolated and located a few kilometres from Tarragona.

This clothing-optional  beach is surrounded by the aromatic Bosque de la Marquesa Pine Forest and huge, yellow limestone cliffs.

The beach is 200 metres by 25 metres of fine, golden sand and boasts warm shallow waters. Like other secluded beaches, Cala Fonda does not have any services or facilities so if you are planning a day out here, it would be best to pack a picnic lunch along with sunscreen and umbrella for when you need some shade. This beach is only accessible by foot and therefore, no disabled access.

Platja Arrabassada, Tarragona

This semi-urban Tarragona beach is 550 metres long and 60 metres wide, the sand is clean and soft and the waters are calm and warm. The beach is cleaned on a daily basis and there are lifeguards, footbridges and disabled access making this beach accessible and safe for all.

The beach has a range of facilities including cafes, bars, restaurants, showers, toilets, lockers, umbrella and sun lounger rental, a large car park, water sport rental, a children’s play area and even a surf practising area. This beach is easily accessed by both car and on foot.

Platja de Miracle, Tarragona

One of Tarragona’s most popular and busy beaches is Platja de Miracle (Playa de Milagro).

This beach is conveniently located between the town centre and the port, near the historic city centre. You can enjoy a walk along the modern promenade, shaded by palm trees and enjoy a drink or two at one of the many bars with outdoor terraces.

Platja de Miracle is 500 metres long by 70 metres wide with fine golden sand. Pefect for swimmers of all ages, the waters are calm and warm and the seabed has a gentle slope.

You will find a number of services including a lifeguard, disabled access, showers, toilets, sun lounger rental, bars and restaurants, a car park and a children’s play area. The beach is a short walk from the port where you find bars, restaurants, banks, car rental and more.

Cala Penya Tallada, Salou

This secluded cove is one of Salou’s hidden gems.

Cala Penya Tallada is 125 metres long and 10 metres wide and is surrounded by fragrant pine trees and lush vegetation.

It’s not a well-known tourist destination so it rarely gets busy or overcrowded.

There are no facilitieis available here so make sure to pack a picnic lunch, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen so you can focus on spending a day disconnected from the rest of the world listening to your favourite audio book.

Platja Llarga, Salou

Located just outside of the city centre of Salou, a popular destination on the Costa Dorada, is Platja Llarga, a beautiful beach is surrounded by a pine forest.

This semi-urban beach is 600 metres long by 35 metres wide and boasts fine golden sand, calm waters and basic facilities including toilets, umbrellas, showers and sun lounger rental.

You will also find jet ski and pedal boat rentals, so you have the opportunity to view this beautiful coastline from the water.

Platja del Regueral, Cambrils

The next town along the Costa Dorada, to the south of Salou is the beautiful coastal town of Cambrils. Cambrils is a hugely popular family beach destination due to its many big, safe beaches and plentiful family activities.

Playa del Regueral is the main beach of Cambrils, it sits right next to the town centre and the beach promenade runs down the length of the beach. The beach is easily accessible due to it’s central location and thus, it’s very popular with families, locals and tourists alike making it a very busy beach.

With the wide range of interesting things to do and see in Cambrils, its main beach is no different. It’s 1,2km stretch of sand is lined with bars, restaurants, showers, sun lounger rental and volleyball courts and there’s also a good range of water sport activities to choose from, including banana boats and water skiing.

Playa Vilafortuny, Cambrils

Another of Cambrils’ golden beaches is the Playa de Vilafortuny beach, which is connected to Playa del Regural. It’s a 1,5km by 70m stretch of golden sand and has a range of facilities including showers, sun lounger rental and children’s playgrounds, which make it ideal for a family holiday in Cambrils.

Cala de les Sirenes, Miami Platja, Cambrils

The Cala de les Sirenes cove is part of the Miami Platja stretch of coastline and is 180 metres long. The sands are fine and the water is calm, although the slope going down to the sea is quite uneven, so care must be taken when entering the water especially with the young and elderly.

The beach is cleaned on a daily basis and there are a few basic services including showers, a restaurant and water sports rental. It’s one of eight small coves which are all classed as protected natural areas. The area surrounding the cove is rocky and filled with pines trees and shrubs.

Platja Del Torn, Cambrils

Located in a protected natural area just a few minutes from the town of L’Hospital de L’Infant, this nudist beach offers the perfect combination of unspoilt beach and lush natural scenery. It’s quite isolated and so is very peaceful and perfect for relaxing without being surrounded by big crowds.

El Torn Beach is 1,400 metres long and around 70 metres wide, the sand is dark and the waters are quiet and warm. The beach is cleaned regularly and has some basic facilities including toilets and sun lounger rental. This beach is perfect for friends or couples looking for a place to relax in seclusion and tranquillity.

Platja de Riumar, Cambrils

Riumar Beach is 150m wide and almost 4km long and extends along the eastern side of the Delta de L’ebre area. It is one of the few beaches on this coast that has sand dunes and boasts fine, soft golden sand and shallow water, making it both an entertaining and safe choice for a family holiday on the Costa Dorada. The beach is not very busy and due to it’s size it’s never crowded, the frequent windy days here create good waves making it a popular beach with surfers and windsurfers. It has plenty of facilities including a car park, showers, red cross station, beach bars and water sports rental.

It’s located in the Delta de L’ebre Nature Reserve which is home so many species of birds. The park has a number of walking paths and observation points, making this beach the ideal destination for wildlife and water sport enthusiasts.

With such a variety of beaches to choose from, the Costa Dorada is the ideal destination for your next beach holiday in Spain. Whether you’re travelling with children, family or friends, you have all the information you need to make an easy decision on the best Costa Dorada beach destination for you!

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